Varsity/JV Schedule – Arapahoe Week

Several things coming up in the future like fall break, and next two weeks are Thursday Varsity games, so we are a little out of routine.

Monday, September 17th Full Pads
2:55 PM Tape
3:15 PM O/D Meeting
5:50 PM Done

Tuesday, September 18th Full Pads
2:55 PM Tape
3:15 PM Special Teams Meeting
5:40 PM Done

Wednesday, September 19th JV Walkthrough
2:55 PM Tape
3:15 PM Special Teams Meeting
4:50 PM Done

Thursday, September 20th Beat Arapahoe
4:20 PM Load Bus
4:30 PM Bus Depart
5:00 PM Arrive at LPS Stadium
5:10 PM Special Teams Review
5:25 PM O/D Review
5:35 PM Locker Room
5:45 PM Kickers/Specialists/QB’s with center and 1 WR
6:00 PM Team Stretch
6:15 PM Inside Run (OLine/QB’s/F and S) [ with D Line and All backers] Receiver Indy (Releases with Secondary)
6:25 PM Routes on Air (All Backs/Receivers/QB’s) {South 40} Defensive review
O Line Indy
6:35 PM 3 FG’s, 3 Punts
6:40 PM 6 Plays Defense
6 Plays Offense
6:45 PM Locker Room
7:00 PM Beat Arapahoe

Friday, September 21st NO SCHOOL
***Please get up stretch, take a walk on your own. Help in your recovery
3:15 Special Teams Film JV Walkthrough
3:35 O/D Film
4:15 Done

Saturday, September 22nd
9am Frosh vs. Arapahoe DCHS Stadium
11am JV vs. Arapahoe, please arrive by 9:15am

Varsity off on Saturday, September 29th
JV @ Doherty 10am Bus leaves at 7:30am

Monday, October 8th 7:30-10:15
Tuesday, October 9th 7:30-10:05
Wednesday, October 10th 7:30-10:00
Thursday, October 11th 7:30-8:45
Friday, October 12th Bus Loads 4:50, Bus Departs 5:00pm
Saturday, October 13th
8am Varsity Film @ Sage Canyon Elementary
9:30am Varsity Done
9:05 JV Load Bus
9:15am JV Bus Departs @ Legend HS

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