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    Amazon recently unveiled its Simple Email Service or SES. It’s intended to be less expensive than the alternatives currently available for business marketing and email. In fact, Amazon even offers a free-tier option for users who send fewer than 2,000 daily emails. Amazon doesn’t charge for sending the first 2000 messages, in contrast to other email service providers that charge a flat fee per message. Customers are also charged and pay reasonable fees for data transfer with Amazon’s Simple Email Service. If you’re a business with a low level of email use and a low number of emails, the free tier may suffice. It’s a substantial savings for any company who currently pay a per email fee.Amazon AWS users with EC2 have the capability to begin using Simple Email Service right away since it was developed to offer this type of compatibility. Users who are new to Amazon AWS can also tap on the cost-effectiveness of making use of Simple Email Service for emailing for purposes. Amazon gives clear instructions on how to access this service.

    With the usage tier that is free customers can access 15 GB of data transfer immediately. All AWS customers will receive the first 100GB of data transfer every month for free. Wow!

    Amazon SES and Amazon EC2 allow data transfer services for free as long as the transfer occurs within one region. Any data transfer from one region to the next are charged according to the Amazon website’s advertised rates.

    Naturally when users go over the allowance of 2,000 free messages, they are billed at the rate of ten cents per 1000 emails. For business owners looking to reduce their costs it’s an excellent price.Email marketing is one of the most well-known ways to generate leads. Email marketing in bulk is a cost-effective, but time-consuming procedure. Many companies outsource their email marketing while other companies manage their own email campaigns.

    What is the most effective bulk email service to distribute email newsletters at your PC? These suggestions will assist you in avoiding paying for poor software.Here are my top 10 questions to ask a software selling company to ensure you can meet your goals, and gain from email marketing:

    After I’ve purchased software, do I have to pay fees for a monthly subscription? You’ll have the same capabilities and features if you pay monthly than if your payment was one-time only. This is just one example. A service for email is charged $149 per month for the list of 25000 subscribers. That’s $1788 over the course of a year, versus. one-time fee of $349 for bulk email on desktops. sender software.

    How many email addresses that I can send messages to with your program? Find out from your company the maximum number of email addresses you can mail messages to. You’ll waste money on a program that can’t handle large mailing lists if your list is growing rapidly. Find out if you’ll require uploading your list of mailing addresses to their database or if the list is able to be stored on your personal computer. This is essential to ensure the security and privacy of your list.

    Is your software equipped with an SMTP server? This question is asked if you don’t have your own mail server that you can send emails through and if you are unable to use your ISP SMTP settings because of email sending restrictions. If software does not support SMTP free delivery or any other delivery method like Integration with Amazon SES API you could choose to use, it will not work for you.

    Does your application can handle bounced emails? If not, your application will need to be able of processing bounce emails. You are concerned about the accuracy of your email list as well as the reputation of your email sender. Ask the seller if they can efficiently process bounce email with their software, and If so, how do remove them from your email list. Any reputable software must have bounce processing capability.

    Does your program include any kind of opt-in link? Don’t buy or harvest email through the Internet to avoid to be in blacklists after just a few of emails sent. Ask the company if and how you will be able to collect opt-in recipients using their method. Most likely, they have a free plugin or tool which you can put a sign-up form on your website or blog. Are you wondering if it’s possible to send email newsletters to your subscribers. Are you able to export your newsletters? Are they able to connect directly to your customers database?

    Your program lets me add an unsubscribe link. Only software from reputable companies can provide users with a an unsubscribe link in compliance with CAN-SPAM laws that allows the recipient to unsubscribe with two mouse clicks. Find out from the software development company what process they use to unsubscribe completed. It’s a big red flag If they add the URL to an email address such as mailto:. Your Inbox will be filled with unsubscribe requests , and they might get mixed in with other messages. In order to not forget an unsubscribe request you will need to read through numerous emails every day. If software is integrated with an online email tracking service Ask if you are able to customize the unsubscribe page for your brand’s name and also what other data you’ll be capable of monitoring apart from emails to unsubscribe (for instance, email opens, forwards, link clicks emails, email clients, countries and more. You can find out more.

    Does your software support easy email personalization? It’s not a silly issue in any way. It is possible to create personalized emails or mail merge with their software. So far, so good. Ask them if they’ll be able to design your custom fields to add the contact information to and merge those fields into the email. You might also consider if you can easily attach a personal document to each recipient using their software. You can also utilize the merge feature to attach files using the variable in the file’s name. This means you can create a unique report as well as an invoice or other file to every recipient you have on your list.

    Do I have the option of sharing my address book with other developers in my office? It’s very useful when you can put your workstation (address book, emails, account settings) on an shared drive and let multiple users access it without the need to import the address book prior to every email marketing campaign. It’s also beneficial to be capable of creating multiple workplaces in the program, and have distinct emails lists, email accounts and email templates for each. Contact the company selling the business about this possibility. Are you seeing the potential in this? Campaigns for email can be created for individuals or third-party companies, and you will be able to see money flow into your pockets.To get further details on Buy amazon SES account
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    Are there any delivery reports? The best email software will not only tell you how many emails were sent and undelivered; they will also provide the entire information via email. This way you can receive emails with delivery reports following every campaign. The software can be configured to automatically send the report to any email address you select. For example, you could email the newsletter to the list and then forward the delivery report directly to your boss. Request if the report is able to be customized or if it has a pre-determined format. If you have to present the delivery reports to clients, a software capable of creating and send reports will save you much time and efforts.

    Is there a backup restore option? Our experience has revealed that users can lose their entire data including emails and account settings, in the event that their system fails to function. Check if and when your database is able to be restored if you have to install software again or transfer it to a different computer. Best programs must support a quick backup-restore capability. If software does not have this option, inquire which files you must backup to restore your workstation quickly with the new installation.

    Bulk email senders are essential for ensuring the success of your email marketing. Many cheap email sending tools are a waste of money and time. Keep in mind the old saying "You get what you pay for" If the price appears to be too high. You should research the merchant company to verify that they are registered with a legitimate address. If not, you may be buying cheap junk from a seller you don’t know who will disappear quickly leaving you without any support or money.

    You should make sure that the email program you select fits your marketing goals and targets, lowers cost and complexity and has support available to you at every step. These suggestions will help you ensure that you get what you spend for. If you don’t, you could be in danger of failing.