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    Deevynovel Dual Cultivation webnovel – Chapter 850 – Continental Meeting weigh sock read-p3

    Novel –Dual Cultivation– Dual Cultivation

    Chapter 850 – Continental Meeting fallacious powder

    Section 850 – Continental Conference

    “How about the purchase price? From some tips i read, it’ll acquire not less than millions of nature rocks to utilize the teleport structure. That’s simply too expensive for the majority of individuals to make use of.”

    Sometime in the future, they proceeded to go outside and came into the carriages that have been waiting outdoors.

    Su Yang shrugged and explained, “The teleport development isn’t ideal for every person similar to how not all people can pay for to live luxuriously.”

    60 minutes later on, they came in a very specious and drain area that accustomed to residence the Glowing Lion Academy, and down the middle of this position became a individual-floored establishing that appeared to acquire been recently developed.

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    Whenever they landed, Su Yang along with the others came into the structure.

    Su Yang nodded and stated, “That’s simple— by constraining the teleportation creation, making it possible for only those who find themselves reliable to utilize them. Ahead of you can take advantage of the teleportation development, they need to collect permission from the household with power over the development. Moreover, you are able to consult with another continent to be certain they permit this particular to go in their area.”

    “This isn’t really a matter, but exactly what is the authentic aim of the teleport structure? I can’t think about accomplishing something such as this simply so we will pay a visit to the other.” One of the people today through the Northern Region that Su Yang didn’t recognize asked.

    Emperor Lian was the first one to communicate, “Very well, i want to start with the obvious problem— the safety of our own own personal men and women. Whilst linking continents may sound like a great idea, it’d be a problem if somebody with destructive intentions were to start chaos in a dangerous land. How do we stop this from taking place?”

    However, just before they might even enter into the setting up, Su Yang could already have the folks inside the developing staring inside their course.

    Su Yang shook his travel and interrupted, “Don’t carry on any further. You’ll only hesitation yourself down the road.”

    “Let’s go fulfill the many others now, should we?” Emperor Lian thought to them.

    “If you think maybe this can be remarkable, imagine biking on dragons and phoenixes.” Su Yang chuckled.

    Su Yang shrugged and reported, “The teleport structure isn’t ideal for everybody just like how few people can afford to reside luxuriously.”

    The Ning Household people these days Su Yang don’t acknowledge symbolized the Upper Country.

    As for the other partic.i.p.ants, there were Zhu Mengyi’s mother from the Four Periods Academy and Wu Jingjing’s father through the Sacred Sword Academy that depicted the Sacred Main Region together with the Lian Household.

    “Should you feel it is amazing, envision using on dragons and phoenixes.” Su Yang chuckled.

    Emperor Lian was the first one to communicate, “Effectively, allow me to start with the most obvious problem— the safety of our individual individuals. While connecting continents looks like a good idea, it’d be bothersome if somebody with destructive motives would commence chaos inside of a unusual property. How do we stop this from taking place?”

    “This isn’t a real problem, but just what is the authentic function of the teleport creation? I can’t think about engaging in something similar to this just so you can visit the other.” On the list of individuals from the North Country that Su Yang didn’t understand asked.

    “Should you feel this can be spectacular, envision cycling on dragons and phoenixes.” Su Yang chuckled.

    Su Yang and Liu Lanzhi became aquainted with with Emperor Lian and Feng Xindou at the front entrance a matter of minutes after.

    “Any longer questions?”

    As for the other partic.i.p.ants, there was clearly Zhu Mengyi’s new mother in the Four Seasons Academy and Wu Jingjing’s daddy coming from the Holy Sword Academy that manifested the Sacred Fundamental Region using the Lian Loved ones.

    Su Yang nodded, pursuing Feng Xindou to somewhere more individual.

    “That depends on the individual. One can possibly simply move to another continent for a visit. You could also do business with the other person. The possibilities are almost limitless.” Su Yang stated.

    “Su Yang, can one consult with you for a moment?” Feng Xindou said to him the moment they turned up.

    “It turned out exciting even though it survived, Su Yang. When I got became aquainted with you a little bit before, perhaps…”

    “I hope you experienced your remain here.” Emperor Lian believed to Liu Lanzhi.

    As for the other partic.i.p.ants, there seemed to be Zhu Mengyi’s mum out of the Four Months Academy and Wu Jingjing’s father through the Holy Sword Academy that represented the Sacred Fundamental Region using the Lian Friends and family.

    As soon as they landed, Su Yang and also the other folks accessed the property.

    Su Yang nodded, subsequent Feng Xindou to somewhere a lot more individual.

    When they moved into the carriages, the bird flapped their ma.s.sive wings and flew to the heavens.

    Section 850 – Continental Getting together with

    “And also you don’t need to say thanks to me. I am simply undertaking things i want, and you’re Lian Li’s new mother. It’s only normal in my opinion to assist you to, who was hurting,” stated Su Yang.

    “Have you been fine?” Emperor Lian questioned Feng Xindou when she originated backside, realizing a sign of gloom on her face.

    Su Yang nodded and reported, “That’s simple— by restricting the teleportation structure, making it possible for only those people who are trustworthy to use them. Prior to one could utilize the teleportation structure, they should acquire consent from your household with power over the formation. Furthermore, you can actually talk to other continent to be sure they enable this specific to get into their property.”

    The Ning Family members people these days Su Yang don’t realize manifested the North Country.

    “Certainly, thanks a lot a lot for having us keep listed here.” Liu Lanzhi reacted using a beaming smile on the encounter.

    Eventually, the Xie Family as well as Intense Blossom Sect depicted the Eastern Region.