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    The biggest Canadian weed stocks are Aurora Cannabis, Tilray, and Canopy Growth. While all of these companies are great investments, some of them have been more volatile than others. Read on to find out more about each of these stocks and learn why they’re so popular. You’ll also learn about other stocks that are making big moves in the marijuana industry.

    Canopy Growth

    Canopy Growth is one of the largest Canadian weed stocks, and it has a lot riding on it. The company is owned by Constellation Brands, which valued it at about $10 billion when it first went public in 2015. It is currently trading at a modest $1.6 billion and ended its June quarter with $1.2 billion in cash on hand. While it has been burning billions of dollars over the past few years, management has been aggressively increasing its manufacturing capacity. It has also begun selling CBD edibles and is working on premium strains.

    This Canadian weed stock has suffered a rocky year so far. The shares have been down about 60% for the year. However, the company’s recent earnings report showed that net revenue increased 10% over last year. It also recently announced that Altria has the option to buy a majority stake in the company. The company is looking to diversify its business and the share price is low enough to convince Altria to make a move.

    Aurora Cannabis

    One of the biggest Canadian weed stocks is Aurora Cannabis, which is a Canadian company that specializes in the production of marijuana. The company is led by Terry Booth and has international brands such as Tokyo Smoke and Tweed. The company has both recreational and medical marijuana licenses. It has six consumer brands and sells a variety of cannabis products. Its products are available in 25 countries on five continents.

    If you’re looking to invest in cannabis, you should look for a company that’s traded on a reputable stock exchange. You can use online brokers to purchase and sell marijuana stocks, but it’s best to stick to reputable exchanges.


    If you’ve been following the marijuana stock market, you’ve probably noticed that Tilray is one of the best performing companies. The Canadian cannabis company is preparing to enter the United States market and has made a number of major acquisitions. The company owns several hemp-based products companies, including Manitoba Harvest and SweetWater Brewery. It also has a stake in cannabis edibles brand Wana.

    Tilray has been able to increase its net revenue by nearly 10% in the first quarter of 2022. It has also signed a deal with Poland to sell marijuana products there. It’s worth keeping an eye on its future performance. It faces challenges in Canada, but is a promising company that could be a key to a marijuana boom.


    Aphria is one of the largest Canadian weed stocks and has been doing well. It has a solid balance sheet, positive EBITDA and the largest operating cultivation capacity in the Canadian weed industry. It has recently acquired Tilray, a U.S. cannabis craft brewery, to help it expand outside of the country’s small market. While it doesn’t offer the same potential to make a big profit as its Canadian counterpart, it provides investors with exposure to the global cannabis industry.

    The stock has seen some recent success, with revenue rising by 42% year over year and international sales jumping 562% in the last quarter. The company has also seen growth in its consumer division, selling edibles and vapes directly to consumers.

    Sundial Growers

    Sundial Growers has reported financial results for the first quarter of 2022, which show the company’s growth has exceeded expectations. The company’s operations span nine states, including Florida, and as of June 23, it operated 91 locations. In addition, Sundial reported record revenues for the most recent quarter. While Sundial’s stock price has fallen 64% from its 52-week high, its strong fundamentals suggest that it will rise again in the months ahead.

    Sundial Growers is a vertically integrated company that is involved in all areas of the cannabis business. Its main products include cannabis oils and pre-rolled joints. It also has a presence in the U.K. hemp market, but it sold that division to Sundial Bridge Farm Inc. The company is a good long-term investment because its growth prospects are very attractive.

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