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    Have you ever seen an exhibit that has content all around us, so you wonder, which part to look at first? The slide could possibly have charts somewhere, text on another side and photographs on another side. They presenter assumes that since they are explaining what is written, the target audience will ‘get it’.

    Such slides typically happen when presenters use presentation templates provided with their presentation software. While such complex presentation templates result in the presenter look intelligent, they confuse the target audience.

    The reason for such ppt slides confusing the target audience is – the way you read.

    Once we read, eyes typically travel inside the following order:

    1. From left to right

    2. The top to the down and

    3. Clockwise

    With all this order of reading slides, are you able to imagine how confused the crowd becomes wanting to see the slides with plenty of content?

    A great presentation template must have content placed in a way that audience can understand without feeling confused. The presenter’s aim is to always maintain the target audience dedicated to his content and not on reading not easy to understand slides.

    How much content on the slide is simply too much? Listed below are 2 simple rules to determine if you have a lot of content about the slide.

    1. Stick to the eye movement: Using the order where eyes move, see the slide and find out if your eye movements are smooth. If your eyes move in a zigzag way, then a ppt template is way too complex and requirements being simplified.

    For instance if the slide demands the reader to go his eyes from left to right, it is really possible enough. Whether it necessitates the audience to learn from left to right and up to down and left to right again, it’s too complex.

    2. Two is company, three is a crowd: This common saying holds beneficial to slides at the same time. Should there be greater than 2 kinds of elements on the slide, it is usually too complex. By elements, After all a text box or graph or an image. By way of example, whenever a presentation template has text box, image plus a table, it counts as 3 elements. It’s usually too complex and requires to become simplified.

    Remember, that adding a whole new slide won’t cost anything. It is advisable to include another slide rather than to confuse your audience. When you confuse your audience, they quit paying attention to what you’re saying.

    So, whether you are selecting a ppt template, an exhibit background or perhaps a easily obtainable presentation template, be sure you use 2 elements or less in the slide. We have seen several templates available which use strong colours as well as way too many elements on a slide.

    Make sure you maintain audience focused on your message.

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