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    Crystals are not just for grandmother’s jewelry boxes! In the wellness community, these interesting structures have become very popular because of the mysterious healing powers that supporters think they have. Innervision Crystals But what are crystals, and how did they become such a popular trend?

    Let’s first discuss the science of crystals. Crystals are just repeated groups of atoms arranged in a highly-ordered, three-dimensional structure. This is why crystals are distinguished by their optical and physical qualities, such as their hardness or ability to refract sunlight. You can get it on Innervision Crystals.

    Let’s now discuss the more esoteric aspects of the situation. Crystals have been used for healing, defense and protection for thousands of years. Crystals could balance your chakras or encourage energy flow.

    Why is crystals so popular now? In today’s fast-paced world, people are seeking ways to find balance and inner peace. Crystals provide an immediate link to the ground as well as the universe, which many people find comforting.

    But pay attention to the importance of fashion! With crystal-infused apparel, jewelry, and even phone cases for sale, crystals have emerged as a must-have accessory. It’s not only for your grandmother who wears a crystal pendant; fashionistas, computer experts, and yogis all have this trend.

    Crystals are hot right now, so there is no doubt about it. These amazing stones will certainly spice up any life you choose, be it for their intangible or aesthetic benefits.

    Although crystals are just a collection ordered atoms, their life has taken on a whole new meaning in terms of fashion and wellness. It is clear that crystals are a popular trend, no matter if you are using them to heal your chakras and/or as accessories. So feel free to reach for a crystal and channel your inner hippie.