• Donahue McMahon posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Crystals don’t belong in your grandmother’s jewellery box anymore! In the wellness community, these interesting structures have become very popular because of the mysterious healing powers that supporters think they have. What is a crystal and how did it become so popular?

    Let’s start by talking about the science behind crystals. Crystals can be described as a series of atoms placed in an extremely ordered, three-dimensional arrangement. This is why crystals are distinguished by their optical and physical qualities, such as their hardness or ability to refract sunlight. Innervision Crystals offers it.

    Let’s now get into the more spiritual aspects of the matter. Because crystals are believed to have special abilities, people have used them for healing and defense for many years. Some believe crystals can balance your energy centers and chakras, allowing for good energy flow.

    Why is crystals so popular now? In today’s fast-paced environment, people are searching for ways to find balance in their lives. Many individuals find comfort in having crystals close because they provide a tangible link to the ground and the universe.

    Fashion is important! The crystal accessory has become a must-have accessory with its crystal-infused jewelry, apparel, and phone cases. The crystal pendant is not just for grandmothers anymore. Fashionistas, yogis and computer professionals all wear it.

    It is clear that crystals are in vogue, regardless of whether you believe or not. These stunning stones will spice up your life no matter if you are using them for their intangible health benefits or for their beautiful appearance.

    Crystals are not a collection of ordered molecules, but they have a life of its own in wellness and fashion. Crystals are an interesting trend that is worth looking into, whether you want to use them as accessories or healing your chakras. Reach for a crystal to channel your inner hippie.