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    Legends of the Dragonrealm Vol IV

    Novel – Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet – Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

    2445 Announce It To The World direction wing

    This communication and pal group screenshot from Gong Xu successfully forced each of the lurkers within the team away from silence.

    [Gong Xu: I’m! Gonna! Socially! Take away!!! I actually obtained not a clue when Brother arrived back again! So I only found Buddy Ye bought committed from her friend group of friends! Am I seriously not Brother Ye’s most cherished little darling any longer?!]

    [Luo Chen: …]


    The Pond

    This message and pal group screenshot from Gong Xu successfully pressured all the lurkers during the class away from silence.

    With discovering the chaos inside the group chitchat, Ye Mufan finally made an appearance overdue for the scenario.

    Then Ye Wanwan clicked on open up her buddy group of friends and in addition needed a photo of their partnership certificates before submitting it along with the photograph of her and Si Yehan. She paired it together with the description:

    [Fei Yang: I’ve went back! It’s correct!!!]

    [Fei Yang: I’ve returned! It’s genuine!!!]

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    [Jiang Yanran: Brother Mufan, you’ve suffered…]

    [Fei Yang: I’ve sent back! It’s true!!!]


    After which, Gong Xu immediately screenshotted this status and forwarded it to the company WeChat group of people chitchat.

    Should they possessed pet food scattered over their confronts, then Ye Mufan was probably directly sitting on a mountain of puppy food…

    [I’ve traveled to many people destinations and viewed lots of scenery, but no matter how far hills and rivers stretch out or how much blooms grow like some brocade, they aren’t as good-searching as you.]

    [Jiang Yanran: Sibling Mufan, you’ve suffered…]

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    [Luo Chen: …]

    This concept and good friend group screenshot from Gong Xu successfully forced most of the lurkers in the group of people away from silence.

    [Gong Xu: Sh*t! Who could tell me what’s going on?! My Buddy Ye actually obtained married!!!!!!!!!]

    [Ye Mufan: (snort.jpg effect) Heh, you’ve consumed this tiny amount of pet food. Could it be a big deal? Simply because currently is Si Yehan’s birthday celebration, she was adamant on planning a bday big surprise on her behalf mankind at midnight yesterday evening, so she required me to push her across half of the Imperial City. But not only did she rob family registration booklets, but she also gone looking for fireworks all over the area! Next was done, I had to see the lakeside and endure the frosty wind in the heart of the evening to help her relieve fireworks making it passionate. What? You’ve only observed a condition improve yet you believe wronged? Huh?]

    [I’ve traveled to many people destinations and found a lot of attractions, but in spite of how far hills and rivers expand or how much flowers bloom like a sheet of brocade, they aren’t nearly as good-looking since you.]

    the harvesters painting

    [Ye Mufan: Tranquil down…]

    the world as i see it summary

    [Gong Xu: I’m! Planning to! Socially! Take away!!! I just possessed not a clue when Buddy originated back again! And That I only determined Sibling Ye bought wedded from her close friend circle! Am I seriously not Brother Ye’s most dearest small darling any more?!]

    [Jiang Yanran: Omg, Wanwan actually got her certificate with President Si! Congratulations are in order, congratulations!]

    On experiencing the chaos inside the crew chat, Ye Mufan finally sprang out latter into the landscape.

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    When seeing the turmoil inside the group of people chitchat, Ye Mufan finally showed up late to the arena.

    [Luo Chen: When have been you ever?]

    [Gong Xu: How could I be relax?! Say, CEO Ye, aren’t you too unpleasant? You must’ve acknowledged definitely, ideal? Why didn’t you tell us before?]

    [Han Xianyu: Ye Bai’s site tag is Imperial Location. When do she go back?]