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    The history of massage can be traced back to 3000 BCE (earlier) in India in the time when it was believed to be an sacred art of healing. Many cultures still practice massage, believed to have originated with Indus Valley Civilization. According to a recent study it is the third most sought-after natural treatment for back pain. A popular treatment for sports injuries massage is also proven to be effective in treating depression, menstrual pain and stress. It can be used even at the onset or cold sores.

    Massage therapy in China began around 4000 BCE with Acupuncture, which was discovered in the ancient writings of Ancient China. These writings confirm that massage originated in India. Massage was used as a part of the medical system in the ancient times of India. Later, it spread to other parts of Asia including China. Then it reached Rome, Greece, India. It was used as a method of healing in both China and India It became popular in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire. Massage was a luxury at the Court of the Renaissance in Italy in the 13th century.

    When we turn to the history of massage, we find that it is related to two of the first forms of massaging: the Greek and the Roman. Greek massage was used as part of physical therapy to help avoid joint pain, injury and to stimulate healing within the body. It was combined with other herbs and ingredients. Its roots were gathered and dried, then ground into a fine paste that was rubbed into the skin or ground into powder and then mixed with oil. Like its Indian counterpart it is believed that the Greek massage increases blood flow. This helps the body absorb nutrients better and promotes natural healing of the muscles and joints.

    It was most often used as a form physical therapy. Massage practitioners employed rub-on ingredients to massage the body to ease muscle tension, stiffness, cramping, and spasms. As the popularity of massage grew across Europe and the Middle East, so did its application as a holistic type of treatment. Massage practitioners in Italy were often referred to as “mezzanine therapists” due to their relationship to and practice of the massage technique. Massage practitioners and holistic healers alike could combine massage techniques that utilized essential oils into an integrative approach to rejuvenating and healing the body and mind.

    The principles and practices of massage therapists they employed evolved in the early 1800s. Swedish massage therapy, developed by a man named Carl Djokovic, was the first to use techniques for deep tissue massage. To ease his asthma and to provide a more relaxing experience for patients who suffer from asthma, he began experimenting with deep massage techniques at home. His wife heard about his efforts and encouraged him to keep going. His popularity was so great that he was able teach classes in Swedish massage therapy in London at the time that he began teaching them. Master massage therapists have been trained in ancient Swedish massage techniques and provide training to massage therapists around the world.

    In China massage techniques developed in the Han Dynasty in the sixth through the thirteenth centuries BC included practices such as pressing and rolling techniques, and other techniques of gentle but effective stretching. It is not known where the first book on Chinese massage came from however, the techniques were developed and refined over four millennia. They were further refined during China’s Tang Dynasty and remained popular well into the early days of the West. The West started to observe the establishment of an Swedish massage school in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1869. Many people from neighboring countries attended the school, which later evolved into what we recognize today as Swedish massage. Today, Swedish massage is still the most popular type of Chinese massage in the Western world.

    Natural healing, as the name suggests, makes use of completely natural substances to treat illnesses and injury. These massages are safest and most effective ways to alleviate pain and improve overall health. Chinese Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and Chinese acupuncture use natural healing methods to treat illnesses or injuries. 구미출장안마 These techniques can be combined with massage therapy to create a natural healing package that can help anyone recover from any kind of injury or illness.

    Holistic medicine practitioners, such as chiropractors, Chinese herbalists and massage therapists believe that an imbalance in the body’s natural systems is the primary reason for illness. The most effective way to treat any illness or ailment is to find the root cause and then tackle the issue directly by restoring balance of the patient’s natural systems. Massage therapy and hydrotherapy are two forms of natural pain relief that modern medicine has only recently come into being and has begun to address. You can either try a Swedish massage, or an Chinese herbalist’s treatment to alleviate your discomfort.