Ortega MacKinnon

  • Healthinsurance Ques?

    Just how much could insurance cost like that for me and my kid like something or humana?

    When can you get your car seat base fitted from the Florida freeway patrol?

    “Got my racing ticket in Collingwood”I am applying for employment at a cafeok so at the minute im restricted 23years ofage my ban is up next year thus is…[Read more]

  • Ok i applied for insurance (orange cross blue shield) right after I discovered I had been prego (I am a couple of months now.)I advised the salesman I had been prego. He explained he’ll get out my cards to me asap. 3 months passed and that I was looking forward to my cards. Then i spoke with some1 else i told them i need my cards cause im prego OH…[Read more]

  • New Driver Motor Insurance ?

    Howmuch is it to acquire remodeling and artwork insurance and permit in dallas Oregon?

    “I would love my buddy to acquire my vehicle and will not be in of the country for 6 months. She is an authorized driver and stay at home mom. I called my insurance carrier and so they claimed incorporating her to my policy…[Read more]

  • “Easily need to document Insurance to insuranceSo I’m looking at investing in a vehicle. Iam 20 and I’m under my fathers insurance. Insurance spend 60 to be a secondary owners for my dads suv”My partner and I just discovered that his business is boosting our medical insurance rates from $212 a month to $400 monthlyI need help with car…[Read more]

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