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    Novel– The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage – The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage

    Chapter 1220 – What An Unforgiving Woman wax hands

    If it were definitely the case, then Su Wan had really hit the lottery.

    What is even more, it was actually an enormous swindle and also a primary an individual in that.

    Su Wan checked on from where she was. Actually, she believed very envious.

    “Gu Jingyu is here.”

    1220 What An Unforgiving Gal

    The women who got tripped Su Wan over possessed genuine discontent published across their encounters.

    By emerging here this point, her remuneration came to a paltry amount.

    Everyone investigated the other in astonishment. They had even wished to pass away sooner but did not anticipate this sort of massive plot angle to look so suddenly.

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    “Su Wan, you’re completed, you’re finished. It is ridiculously expensive.”

    “Jingyu… this minor actress broke our Chinese ceramic vase.”

    Lin Che claimed bluntly, “We do not want these things nowadays. You can just spend us the commensurate reimbursement.”

    1220 What An Unforgiving Woman

    Experiencing this, the production administrator within this element of the set just let out a weep of burglar alarm.

    The instant Gu Jingyu went out, absolutely everyone outdoors quit whatever they were definitely doing.

    Clenching her tooth enamel, Su Wan shown to herself which it was all Gu Jingyu’s fault. Just after she possessed sent back the morning ahead of, they had started behaving weirdly. When she denied to speak about it, they began to resent her more.

    The individuals external have been truly dumbfounded. They hastily began begging outside the house. “Ladies and gentlemen, assist us coax Sister Che. We are really…”

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    Anyone believed that he would reprimand her. No one expected him to suddenly say, “Alright. Exactly where did you get it from? I’ll formulate the cash.”

    Gu Jingyu went out and required, “What are you presently guys carrying out?”

    The girls who acquired tripped Su Wan over had authentic dissatisfaction written around their confronts.


    Unlike the jealousy that some individuals sensed, she actually failed to like simply being jealous of other people mainly because she obtained always noticed that many of us could boost and become successful only through their own personal perseverance.

    “Good lord. Needless to say, we wouldn’t dare to. How could we? We plead with the two of you to permit us away. We are just insignificant folks. We need to acquire a full time income to give our people.”

    Very quickly, they harvested close to and investigated Su Wan while talking about amongst themselves.

    With this, everybody hastily required measures.

    1220 What An Unforgiving Lady

    “This is usually a Chinese ceramic vase. It had been so difficult to borrow.”

    Lin Che and Gu Jingyu viewed them. Then, Lin Che claimed straight, “Anyway, take these absent. We are still fast paced filming other scenes, so I’ll go in primary. I never know what amount of cash we’ve thrown away within the hour or so. You men may also be in the industry of recording, so you have to know that it is not worth it for many people to squander all our price range on these is important.”

    Su Wan had decreased into the ground and her finger had been cut start, but she was similarly stunned when she noticed the prop.

    Gu Jingyu glanced their way and scoffed well before subsequent her on the inside.

    “Gu… Jingyu… we were just improving the creation team switch the props.”

    “Eh.” At this moment, Lin Che approached from behind and looked at them. “You took them away at will and you’re adding them rear anytime. Precisely what do you practice us for?”

    There is absolutely no way they can have anticipated them to come to be so unforgiving suddenly.

    Su Wan experienced fallen to the floor and her finger have been trim wide open, but she was similarly shocked when she noticed the prop.