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    Lovelyfiction Unrivaled Medicine God novel – Chapter 2395 – Azure and Profound Dual Saints! numerous religion read-p2

    Novel –Unrivaled Medicine God– Unrivaled Medicine God

    Chapter 2395 – Azure and Profound Dual Saints! monkey abhorrent

    Jian Rufeng was burning off himself, and igniting anticipation from the myriad races!

    The ability to surpa.s.s the divine race’s strongest celestial master, Jian Rufeng’s energy was beyond a doubt.

    If his forfeit could not exchange for those go up with the myriad events.

    Ye Yuan smiled bitterly and said, “Senior Witchcloud, it is far from that this Ji doesn’t wish to, but that … I can not!”

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    When he explained, Witchcloud directly knelt lower toward Ye Yuan.

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    Absolutely everyone knew what Ye Yuan’s life signified.

    Ye Yuan spotted excessive reluctance on his eyes!

    Ye Yuan also bowed down and mentioned, “Senior intends virtue and acquires it. This junior definitely won’t let you down!”

    Among them, it involved Jian Rufeng himself.

    As though the world already had none of us who could carry him.

    But, he still moved to do it unswervingly!

    Jian Rufeng investigated Ye Yuan again, his gaze already getting to be distinct.

    His determine also gradually became illusory.

    Now, Jian Rufeng was about to pa.s.s absent, Ye Yuan was the ideal successor.

    Who worldwide was this Ji Qingyun?

    Hence, Ye Yuan journeyed out of your Heavenly Undetectable Environment.

    Therefore, Ye Yuan journeyed away from the Incredible Hidden World.

    Just like the world already got none of us who could store him.

    Ye Yuan smiled and appeared before Shang Hang again, and the man said smilingly, “I believe that whenever you satisfy me just as before, you won’t be way too taken aback! Fine, Saint Serious has recently pa.s.sed apart. It is also time for this saint to leave, farewell!”

    Jian Rufeng’s aura pierced the horizon just like planning to impact through this skies.

    Ability to hear that, Litte Intense Strategies nodded and explained, “Saint Azure, relax a.s.sured. Haoran definitely won’t enable you to and Father down!”

    Even Ye Yuan was cannot go above events also.

    For this reason, Ye Yuan gone right out of the Perfect Undetectable Society.

    Jian Rufeng shook his head and said, “Heaven’s will has destiny and has now parameters! Heaven’s will mocks gentlemen, and never people have an effect on heaven’s will? The main cause and outcome, perhaps even Incredible Dao cannot talk about it obviously, perfect? This Jian will be proceeding. Little Companion carries a substantial load and possesses an extended street in advance. Please be mindful!”

    He could clearly actually feel Ye Yuan’s passion, however what was it that created him so loaded with misgivings?

    Ye Yuan found a lot of reluctance in their eyeballs!

    Witchcloud was greatly shocked, not realizing why Jian Rufeng claimed so.

    As a result, Witchcloud needed to work with this shout to redeem Ye Yuan’s center.

    He was very strong!

    “Lord Profound Techniques, be careful!”