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    Chapter 454 – Evolution shiny smash

    Su Ping observed how a astral powers flowed with terrific attraction.

    For trainers, astral forces were definitely like scalpels, and manipulating them necessary fantastic precision.

    The whitened rodents positive were actually all-purpose. Even a trainers’ evaluation would want them.

    He do get some measure of pleasure.

    The test center was jampacked and it was like this on a daily basis.

    Many of them thinking about their frank and too clear-cut father.

    “Well, let’s focus on the next-position examination. Will it require theoretical awareness at the same time?” Su Ping inquired.

    Quickly, the examiner took out an extra-get ranking Decaying Claw Lizard that has been over one gauge extended. The brownish lizard was poisonous, a savage monster. Su Ping didn’t know anything at all about taming abilities. But he made use of some astral forces to frighten the little matter into syndication and had thus pa.s.sed the first part of the evaluation.

    The Vice Chairman was surprised that Su Ping didn’t know these very simple information.

    They often times worried about their frank and too straightforward dad.

    What is going on?

    If Su Ping experienced trainer’s abilities as he was such a formidable battle dog or cat warrior definitely, Lone Star’s confidence would suffer a severe

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    Many of them worried about their frank and too basic father.

    Su Ping exposed the threshold and grabbed the tiny bright computer mouse. The furry ball was indeed precious.

    Sad to say, for Ding Fengchun, failure had emanated from the foolhardy comment. He possessed offended Su Ping as factors endured. He didn’t imagine Su Ping would get pleasure from his nice touch even when he could forget about his self-esteem. That may take much more shame to him. After all, he had to keep on his work at the headquarters. If he would surrender then, what could his college students and other coaches think of him?

    Su Ping adhered to him for the spot for the earliest check.

    There are no examiners provide. Infrequently would everyone go to the headquarters for that analyze in the very first ranking.

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    Chapter 454 Evolution

    Courting Her Highness

    “Please,” the Vice Chairman said to Su Ping.

    Shortly, the white mouse’s fur started to transformation colors.

    Quickly, they came into the surrounding. The examiner was overseeing a partic.i.p.ant who has been a young son. Currently, the son was “dying the hair.”

    That was to examine the trainer’s command over astral power.

    Su Ping implemented him on the spot for the very first analyze.

    Neither Su Ping nor Ding Fengchun had something to say against that final decision. Others followed them also. That they had absolutely nothing better to do anyways. Furthermore, these were enthusiastic to discover how this whole blunder would come to an end.


    In case the white-colored computer mouse were to be put in the wild, there were a chance that it could become a minimal-position beast with the thunder family members.

    It was subsequently initially for Su Ping to find out about dying hair with astral strengths.

    The small white-colored computer mouse was more than a computer mouse at the moment. It had been in a position to develop.


    Rapidly, the examiner needed out a second-ranking Decaying Claw Lizard that has been over one gauge prolonged. The brownish lizard was harmful, a savage beast. Su Ping didn’t know a single thing about taming knowledge. But he used some astral capabilities to frighten the little thing into syndication along with thus pa.s.sed the initial area of the analyze.

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    Section 454 Advancement

    Su Ping launched the doorway and grabbed the little whitened mouse. The furry baseball was indeed lovable.

    What is happening?