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    Wayne Crowsley

    Wayne Crowsley is world renowned in the internet world and known for his amazing freelance work. Wayne Crowsley rapidly rose to wealth as a web entrepreneur and freelance journalist. Wayne Crowsley is best known for some of his works that appeared in several magazines and later featured on several hit talk-show television shows.

    His creativity is unparalleled with other freelancers, making him extremely sought out by the internet world. “I love the freedom that a freelancer life provides along with the flexibility to pick and choose where I work and how I work,” he once said in an interview on the Today show.

    A Harvard graduate, Wayne Crowsley was also an athlete and played football his freshman year and sophomore year. An orthopedic injury proved to be a set back, allowing him opportunity to focus more on his studies. Disappointed that his athletic career was over, Wayne Crowsley shifted his major and went another direction academically. This was the turning point for his future success.

    Now a millionaire, Wayne Crowsley was once a barista for the popular coffee chain, Starbucks. He continues to give back to his community once a year by serving free coffee to all Starbucks guests. His charity of choice belongs to St. Jude. This hospital seeks to find cures for children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases through research and treatment. He also serves other philanthropic organizations such as Child’s Play, a charity which accepts donations for sick kids in hospitals in the form toys, games, books, and cash.

    Wayne Crowsley married his high school sweetheart upon graduating from Harvard. His wife, an editor, has been the perfect partner as he has climbed the ladder of success. They now have two kids and a dog. He continues to work from home as a web entrepreneur and freelance writer.