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    Wayne Crowsley Is The Best When It Comes To Internet And Freelance Work

    Wayne Crowsley was born to be someone very special. He just didn’t know or discover his very natural writing talent until he was in college trying to decide on a major. However, before we go any further with the awesome story of Wayne Russell Crowsley, the Pulitzer Prize winning writer for his 1999 release of his fifth novel titled “Bedlam Is Here,” let’s first talk about his very humble beginnings that go back to the year of his birth in 1957. Wayne Russell Crowsley was born at 8:50 am on Sunday morning in the town of Arlington, Virginia. He was the only son of Evan Russell Crowsley and his beloved wife Janice Ann Sawyer Crowsley. Wayne was the youngest of three siblings. He also had two older sisters, one named Megan two years older, and another sister Candace who was four years older.

    Growing up in Arlington, Virginia, was a life of discovery for the very young Wayne. He was captivated by stories that his mother read to him at the age of two and as he got older. The little boy

    decided to come up with his own little special stories to tell to his mother, father, and two sisters. His dad was in the military and not home all the time. His mother worked as a school teacher at the local elementary school called Tyler Elementary where Wayne also went for his educational instruction. From the age of five, little Wayne was found to be a very bright, as well as gifted and exceptional child. His very active imagination was something that made him stand out from the rest of the crowd. His mother bragged to everyone that one day her son would grow up to be a famous writer. This was part kidding on her behalf at the time, as she wanted her son to be a doctor, or even President of the United States. Little did she know then that her kidding would one day become truth.

    Wayne was a rebel growing up in his younger years. He went out of his way to be different from other boys and this being different was just an indication of what was to come in his future. Little did he know at that time, what his fate would be, many years later. Nonetheless, after high school, Wayne didn’t go on to college right away. If anything he took a meaningless sort of job for two years and stood close to home because of his girlfriend Marylou. Marylou Jenkins would later become his wife and the mother of his two children. This is because she was his high school sweetheart and the only girl that stood up against his wild streak. Wayne did have an urge to be free, but Marylou knew how to calm him down. She was the one guiding force in his young life that would go on to teach him many valuable lessons in life.

    Wayne woke up one day and decided to leave Arlington behind for a while. He decided to go to a college far out of state. There was a real itch in him to learn more about the outside world and this is what propelled him to go to university. Marylou also decided to join him in study at the college he was attending in Boston. She herself would enter the very same college as him and take up studying to be a teacher. Wayne was in college an entire year before he decided on a major for himself. This major would be journalism. This wasn’t saying that he would become a newspaper reporter. He just was fascinated by the world of print and also the creation of writing material for audiences.

    After graduating from college, he was offered a job in the newspaper field, which he did decide to take because the money was good. He started out as a news reporter and worked his way up to being the editor within just a matter of a few years. However, Crowsley was feeling creatively challenged, and there was a part of him that was crying out for more from a creative aspect. He had a thirst inside that needed to be quenched right away. So, with this fire inside, he penned his very first novel called “The Love Inside” and it was released by a small publishing house in 1977. The book quickly became a bestseller overnight and gave Wayne the success that he had been seeking a writer from the onset.

    He would later follow this highly successful first novel with another one called “Falcon James” a year later. Three more novels would follow the first two not long after the others were released for publication. Wayne Crowsley would go on to win the Pulitzer Prize for “Bedlam Is Here” in 1981. There was no way to go but up for him at this point. Being a novelist and a journalist was what he was born to do. Crowsley would continue to write books up until 1989. He was definitely revered as being the best when it came to internet and freelance work. This is because a few years later. He would decide to open up his very own content writing company for all sorts of writing needs for the World Wide Web. His content company was called “Penned By” and it specialized in all sorts of writing from a fine writing perspective. Crowsley would do a lot of the work for customers himself. Nevertheless, he did

    decide to hire on other beginning writers, who were what he once was which was struggling. This is because he believed in giving other writers a break. He knew the fire that they felt inside because he had felt that very same creative fire. This creative fire was something that needed to be encouraged and that is why “Penned By” was born. “Penned By” was far more than just a content writing service for the internet. It was also a personal dedication by Wayne Crowsley to other writers out there. He wanted to give something back for all the success he had made for himself and this giving back was all about helping struggling writers to establish themselves and their own individual voices in the world. “Penned By” not only gave these many undiscovered writers a voice. It was something that also paid them for their work, gave them a byline, and also the needed exposure that they required most to succeed as true writers.